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Scale your business. Predictably.

Plan collaboratively, identify bottlenecks and make confident decisions to achieve your targets.
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Empowering fast-growing category leaders

5.0 star rating on G2
Drivetrain's G2 High Performer badge awarded for Summer 2023
Rated  #1
for Ease of Use on G2
A screenshot showing the Drivetrain dashboard page referred to as Boards in the product. The Business Overview Board as part of the Board Pack folder is in focus and shows key metrics as scorecards, charts and tables. Other folders in the Dashboard include "Bridge" which contains the ARR and customer walk Boards; the "Sales Overview" folder which contains the popular Pipeline Movement, Sales Funnel and Sales Quota Boards; the Cost folder which includes "Team Expense Overview" and "Tools Cost" Boards;  the "Finance" folder which includes the 3-statement model—P&L or Income Sheet, the Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement Boards besides the Marketing and Funnel folders which are in a collapsed state

Empowering fast-growing category leaders


Why Drivetrain?

Planning across multiple spreadsheets getting out of hand?

Build clear, accurate plans 10x faster

  • Connect your revenue, sales quota, marketing, finance, and hiring plans quickly and without errors.
  • Easily create your best-case, worst-case, base case and what-if scenarios.
  • Use simple, business language formulas to compute shared metrics across geographies, market segments, channels, and more.
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Key metrics such as New Customers, New ARR, Expansion ARR, Churn ARR being modeled on Drivetrain for the first three months  of 2023 as the planning period. It shows the multidimensional modeling capability where the "New ARR" metric is highlighted with its formula given as New Customers this month multiplied by Price. The New ARR metric is further broken up by various dimensions such as Regions (Americas, EMEA, APAC) and Market Segment (SMB, Mid-market, Enterprise)
Plan versus actuals trend chart for the Expansion ARR metric for FY22 with the month of June 2022 highlighted showing Plan value of 3 million dollars and actuals of 1.74 million dollars.
A Drivetrain screenshot showing a plan versus actuals variance table  for the Expansion ARR metric for Q2 2022 with breakdown by market segments of SMB, Mid Market and Enterprise
Spending days pulling actuals and manually calculating attainment?

Get a single source of truth for your actuals & monitor against your plan

  • See pipeline, billing, burn, ARR and more—all in one place.
  • Compare actuals against plans to identify which parts of your business are thriving or struggling.
  • Get predictive alerts on potential deviations from the plan numbers and their impact.
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Often find yourself guess-working the next best course of action?

Make faster, confident decisions. Identify bottlenecks and course-correct in time

  • Find what's holding back growth in minutes with built-in root-cause analysis.
  • Run what-if scenarios to assess the impact of your decisions before you make them.
  • Deliver more accurate forecasts—know where your business will be in 3 months or 3 years.
What-If Analysis showing the impact on the Booked ARR metric when drivers (aka assumptions) are changed. The MQL to SQL Conversion rate is increased from 10 percent to 12 percent; the deal size is decreased by 200 dollars from 2000 dollars to 1800 dollars; Leads are increased by 200 per month. These changes show an impact in the What-If value of Booked ARR down to 19.2 million dollars from the plan value of 25 million dollars

Easily connect all your data sources

Drivetrain supports over 200 popular business systems.
& 200 more
See all integrations

Easily connect all your data sources

Drivetrain supports over 200 popular business systems.
See more integrations

Success Stories

We initially rolled out Drivetrain to just the RevOps team but now we have extended it to more departments, including sales, customer success, HR, and marketing. Now, everyone always has the data they need to make the right decisions.
Amit Sharma
Senior Director Finance, Whatfix
Amit Sharma
We have gone from, ‘let’s hope to get our monthly reports on time to what metric or information do we need to make a decision here?’ That’s huge and made us a strategic partner for sales and marketing.
Naga Subramanya
Associate Director of Finance, Airmeet
Naga Subramanya BB
Our bottom-up forecasting model built using Drivetrain is giving us great results. We have a high degree of confidence in our projections on where we will land at the end of each quarter and how the overall year will pan out.
Aman Bafna
Manager - Office of the CEO, Mindtickle
Aman Bafna

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does Drivetrain cost?
Drivetrain offers an unlimited platform access pricing model. This includes unlimited integrations; unlimited admin and standard user licenses; white-glove implementation and onboarding, and access to the complete Drivetrain feature set. Get in touch to know more.
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