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Why choose Drivetrain vs. Anaplan?

Fast-growing businesses trust Drivetrain for its fast implementation, user-friendly modeling, and flexible reporting capabilities in an intuitive, easy-to-use platform.

Fueling finance teams globally
Rating by G2 users

Flexible, powerful, and easy to use

Say goodbye to long implementation cycles, reliance on external consultants, and inflexible reporting. Building multi-dimensional models and reports is easy on Drivetrain.

“Drivetrain has very flexible forecasting models that allowed us to build our entire forecast – top-line, expenses, balance sheet and cash flow – to get them all interconnected with each other and our other systems.”

Drivetrain customer - Andrew De Fanti, FP&A Manager at Quantum Metric
Andrew De Fanti
FP&A Manager at Quantum Metric

“Drivetrain automated data consolidation from NetSuite, Salesforce and Google Sheets. All finance reports (P&L, balance sheet, cash flow statement, headcount, ARR, pipeline) for actuals and plan are updated always. Very fast calculation speed. Nice friendly interface to easily create reports and models.”

Drivetrain customer -Juan Sebastian, FP&A Director, Billwerk
Juan Sebastian
FP&A Director at Billwerk+

“Drivetrain can accommodate different scenarios, build outs, and integrations, which is beneficial, especially when dealing with various systems. Other companies seem to have more of a canned offering of functionalities and capabilities.”

Kristen Hefferon
Controller at Quartzy

Drivetrain vs. Anaplan

Implementation cycle
Maximum 3-4 weeks
Minimum 5-6 months
In-house implementation
No, requires expensive consultants
Native integrations
Reliance on external consultants for building and maintaining models
Yes, requires Anaplan certified consultants
Interactive dashboarding capabilities
Highly flexible
Extremely rigid
Ease of use of the platform
Simple and intuitive
Difficult to use
Total cost of ownership (TCO)
Low TCO, no external help required and cost includes access to all features
Extremely high with consultants and additional price for specific modules
Native Integrations

Get up and running in a matter of hours

Drivetrain integrations

Drivetrain offers 200+ out-of-the-box connectors and a flexible approach to integrations that can combine data from any system to make it useful and accessible.

Bring all your KPIs effortlessly from any system into the platform to build a single source of truth all your stakeholders can trust.

Explore all integrations
Drivetrain integrations
Easy to Use Modeling

Create and update models yourself without any external help

On Drivetrain, you can use plan English and your existing knowledge of Excel to write formulas, making model building self-serve and easy to understand by all stakeholders.

Whereas, Anaplan requires dedicated personnel to implement, build and maintain models. To truly get the most out of Anaplan you need to work with an experienced consultant – a costly dependency that can really slow you down.

Explore financial planning on Drivetrain
Flexible Reporting

Create board-ready reports in minutes

Drivetrain allows you to create board-ready reports quickly by leveraging various dashboarding options out of the box that can be formatted based on your unique requirements.

Also, you can drill down from summary to transaction data in one click to identify otherwise hard-to-reach insights.

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