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Business Budgeting & Planning

Accelerate business growth with collaborative and connected budgeting & planning

Shorten budgeting cycles, improve cost control and boost productivity by centralizing all your planning data and improving collaboration across teams.
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Empowering fast-growing category leaders



Better cost control

Manage working capital in the most effective way by aligning your budget & planning processes.

Improved agility

Adjust and adapt your plans and forecasts throughout the year— improving your revenue predictability.

Faster alignment

Streamline communication with collaboration tools to align faster on with stakeholders.

Plan & budget across complex use cases

  • Create top-down, bottom-up, zero-based, or hybrid budgeting models.
  • Implement continuous, driver-based planning.
  • Plan for different outcomes with on-the-fly What-If scenario analysis.
  • Quickly change models to reflect changes in your business structure or strategy.
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A conversation thread on the Financial Year 2023 Report, for the month of Feb 2023 for the New ARR metric (actuals)

Align your teams and shorten budgeting cycles

  • Enable stakeholders to work off a single, central data source for consistency.
  • Create models faster with easy to understand business formulas.
  • Build multi-dimensional models across countries, segments, business units, or any other split without duplicating work.
  • Reduce the risk of manual errors with fast and accurate driver-based planning.
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With Drivetrain, we are now able to seamlessly aggregate data from multiple stakeholders into one unified planning process and collaborate within the same view. We don’t deal with offline spreadsheets or experience data fidelity challenges anymore.

Aman Bafna

Manager - Office of the CEO, Mindtickle

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Aman Bafna
Drivetrain provided our entire company with anywhere, anytime access to our plans, budgets, forecasts and scenarios in a single place.

We were able to adapt our plans faster to market changes with access to up-to-date, drillable data and automated reporting.
John Doe

Improve planning agility across departments

  • Handle any number of planning dimensions.
  • Easily integrate financial models without sacrificing on granularity.
  • Manage collaboration, sharing, consolidation, and approval of planning data.
  • Rapidly update plans with streamlined data consolidation & forecasting.
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An ARR and customer buildup being modeled on Drivetrain for the first quarter of 2023 as the planning period. It shows the multidimensional modeling capability where the "Customers" metric is highlighted with its formula given as Customers in the last month plus new customers in this month minus churn customers in this month. The Customers metric itself is further broken up by various dimensions such as Regions (Americas, EMEA, APAC) and Market Segment (SMB, Mid-market, Enterprise) besides other dimensions such as Customer Type, Acquisition Channels, Industry and Product
A Plan versus Actuals variance report on Drivetrain showing a list of metrics for the month of April 2023 such as ARPA, New Customers, ARR and New ARR broken down by Market Segments SMB, Mid-market and Enterprise where the Mid-market number is further broken up by Regions such  as Americas, EMEA and APAC. The break-up of the New ARR for the Americas Mid-market segment is $135.9K is shown on the screen with a list of accounts contributing to that value.

Compare budgets with actuals for faster decisions

  • Track actuals against your budgets and forecasts in one place.
  • Create multiple plan versions and analyze variances to improve budget and forecast accuracy.
  • Drill-down on variances to quickly uncover the root cause.
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Why Drivetrain?

Planning and budgeting that reflects your business needs

Connected planning

Align teams around a single source of truth with connected plans & shared metrics.

Scenario modeling

Run What-If scenarios and perform root cause analyses in minutes.

Headcount planning

Factor and project the number and timing of hires for creating hiring plans.

Variance analysis

Automated consolidation of data for real-time monitoring of plan vs. actuals.

Rolling forecasts

Do continuous planning with rolling forecasts to ensure plans, forecasts, and reports are always up to date.

Budget models

Create top-down, bottom-up, zero-based, or hybrid budgeting models.

A new top-down approach to financial modeling - SaaS Metrics Based Planning

  • Shorter planning cycle compared to other approaches
  • Faster alignment across functions
  • Higher accountability towards company's goals
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Strike the right balance between key board metrics with Saas Metrics Based Planning and save time and effort throughout the planning process compared to other approaches. Drive faster alignment and create more efficiency.