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Sales & Revenue Planning Platform

Simplify revenue planning and accelerate growth

Bring your data together to rapidly model and drive revenue predictably across
new business, renewals, and expansions. 
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Empowering fast-growing category leaders



Achieve revenue goals faster

Have a constant snapshot of business performance and course correct as needed to stay on track.

Improve forecast accuracy

Drive revenue predictability by adjusting your plans and forecasts continuously.

Faster alignment

Achieve faster process buy-in across all teams with built-in collaboration tools.

Reach sales goals faster with deep insights

  • Build actionable dashboards to report on LTV:CAC ratio, bookings, new ARR, churn rate, and more.
  • Quickly reforecast pipeline opportunities to meet your targets.
  • Analyze the impact of alternative strategies & evolving scenarios quickly to optimize revenue, cost and profit.
  • Improve win rates & shrink deal cycles by identifying key drivers & bottlenecks with one-click root cause analysis.
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Dashboard showing several cost, revenue and composite metrics in bar charts, gauge charts and scorecards
Sales quota modeled across sales managers and their reps highlighting the Bookings to OTE Ratio formula written in simple English as Quota divided by Salaries and Incentives

Speed up sales quota planning

  • Quickly model and allocate quotas that balance growth and cost efficiency.
  • Benchmark and track performance at rep and team levels.
  • Create teams based on geography, market segment, product line, or any other split without duplicating work.
  • Collaborate faster with in-report commentary and align your team around shared goals.
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Drivetrain clearly shows us how the conditions are changing so that we can adjust our forecasts. Our model is based on trailing data that goes back up to four quarters. So, as average deal cycle times, win rates, and deal sizes change, we are able to recalibrate quickly and adjust our forecasts and guidance for the quarters ahead

Aman Bafna

Manager - Office of the CEO, Mindtickle

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Aman Bafna
Drivetrain provided our entire company with anywhere, anytime access to our plans, budgets, forecasts and scenarios in a single place.

We were able to adapt our plans faster to market changes with access to up-to-date, drillable data and automated reporting.
John Doe

Boost sales capacity and grow revenue

  • Maintain payroll efficiency while targeting top line growth by syncing cost and revenue data side by side.
  • Get a breakdown of sales performance by any dimension to make resource allocation decisions.
  • Seamlessly integrate with your CRM, HRIS, ERP and other data sources for data gathering, drill down and analysis.
  • Understand the impact of a hiring freeze versus layoffs.
Connect all your up to date models like headcount plan, sales capacity plan, ARR & Customer buildup across your organization

Why Drivetrain?

Built for CROs and RevOps teams

Sales capacity planning

Seamless CRM, HRIS & ERP integrations makes resource allocation decisions faster and more accurate.

Sales quota planning

Model quota changes based on sales performance or other factors to improve forecast accuracy.

Incentive compensation management

Build personalized compensation plans, model payouts accurately, and determine quotas based on ROI & revenue targets.

Territory planning

Create complex territories at any dimensional-level to maximize coverage & performance.

Scenario planning

Run What-If scenarios and perform root cause analyses in minutes to answer higher order questions.

Advanced reporting

Quickly create complex custom metrics with plain-English formulas & and report on them.

A step-by-step guide to creating a
New Business ARR Plan

An effective and feasible New Business ARR plan provides a great foundation to achieve your revenue and valuation targets. Learn how to build a top-down New ARR growth plan that is aligned with overall business objectives and targets.
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This handbook illustrates how you can build a top-down New ARR plan that will help you achieve your growth goals and walks through the various assumptions and steps you need to execute when creating your New ARR plan
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