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Investor Reporting Software

Build confidence and trust

Engage your investors with on-demand, interactive dashboards that tell a compelling story, providing accurate financial statements and all the metrics they need to feel confident in you and your business.
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Empowering fast-growing category leaders

4.9 star rating on G2
G2 MedalDrivetrain's G2 High Performer badge awarded for Summer 2023
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Real-time access to accurate data

Up-to-date in-depth reports ensure investors have real-time view of the data they want.

Faster alignment & stronger investor relations

Interactive dashboards, with drill-down and collaboration features to help investors review and analyze reports quickly.

Due diligence made fast & easy

Create investor packages including revenue, cash flow projections and custom metrics quickly.

Report accurate numbers anytime in real time

Be confident that your reports are always and consistently up to date. Numbers are automatically updated when they change in the underlying data sources.
No two investors measure metrics the same way. Calculate key SaaS metrics such as Burn Multiple, NRR, CAC ratio, and Rule of 40 at the most granular level of your data and report them the way your investors and board prefer.
Whether it’s a pro-forma statement, a monthly performance report, or a fundraising due diligence report, staying on brand and communicating your data in a meaningful way is easy with flexible formatting and styling options.

Engage investors with a more compelling story

  • Create and share interactive, board-ready reports and dashboards that your investors can view on demand. Our ever-growing template library will help you get started quickly.
  • Customize your reports to reveal what really matters to investors and the board with the ability to analyze, illustrate, and explain metric trends by any dimension.
  • Use annotations to provide more context to your report and call-outs for extra emphasis where you need it.
  • Export your tables and charts to your board pack and other investor decks and drop them into our investor update email template to engage with investors in a more interactive way.
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Before Drivetrain, our quarterly reports took up to three weeks to complete. But now, we have a monthly reporting cycle with all our metrics updated daily, which has helped us build a weekly forecast model.

Aman Bafna

Senior Manager, Office of the CEO

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Interact and engage with investors in a whole new way

  • Use our built-in collaboration tools to answer investor questions in context and streamline communication to make aligning on targets faster.
  • Create and calculate metrics on the fly, drill down into the data, and perform root cause analysis (RCA) in minutes to answer your investor or board questions live!
  • Use the What-If scenario analysis tool answer questions about the potential effects of changing market conditions or different business decisions on your company’s runway, costs, and revenue.
  • Build and compare multiple scenarios live and in minutes to tackle one-off questions and answer follow-up questions.

Discover insights quickly with powerful analysis tools

  • Use the What-If scenario analysis tool to examine the effects of different financial statement decisions on key financial ratios.
  • Create interactive dashboards to analyze metric trends by any dimension such as territories, segments, products, etc.
  • Identify key drivers and anomalies with one-click root cause analysis to optimize revenue, cost, and profitability.
  • Anticipate and detect deteriorating cash flow quality.
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Why Drivetrain?

Level up you investor communications

Investor reporting

Automate sharing of accurate business metrics with the board & investors in real time

Performance reports

Create reports in a fraction of the time with data that is automatically updated each month with new actuals

Interactive board decks

Tell the story behind your numbers with rich, interactive visualizations investors can drill-down into

Root cause analysis

Confidently & quickly address higher-order questions with the powerful root cause analysis tool

In-context commenting

Drive better discussions and stronger alignment by streamlining communications with powerful collaboration tools

Scenario analysis

Explore potential impacts of changing market conditions & business decisions with our What-If analysis tool

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the capabilities to look for in an investor reporting software?

For investor reporting, the ability to connect to and consolidate data from multiple source systems is critical. Such capability ensures business users can create timely reports, analyze the latest information and present results to investors. These reports should be automatically updated in real-time when the numbers change in the underlying data sources to ensure they are always accurate, consistent and up-to-date. Other critical capabilities include ability to drill-down to transaction-level data, commenting and collaboration features, and fine-grained access controls to enable investors to engage with your business more deeply, allowing them to explore the data themselves to uncover insights and new opportunities for growth. In addition, an investor reporting tool should be easy to use and have an intuitive interface to navigate reports with minimal training. Finally, the software should be compliant with data privacy and security laws to ensure the protection of privacy and data—certifications such as SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 inspire confidence and trust.

Can I automate investor reporting?

Key to automating investor reporting is to have a tool that integrates with source systems and updates automatically. That’s the foundation for any automated reporting because you always want your reports to be accurate and up to date—you certainly don’t want the tool to automatically send out reports with old data! The system also needs to support role based access controls and in-app commenting so you can communicate and share just what you need to with whom you need to.

What do venture capitalists (VCs) and private equity firms want to see in investor materials like board decks or performance reports

Every investor—existing or prospective—want to see your core business health and performance metrics to begin with. It's critical to present the narrative behind the numbers with the right visuals and call outs. It's helpful to start with hits and misses for the period, followed by the metrics and include any specific asks—after all, the aim of these meetings is to leverage their expertise and strategic connections to help your company succeed. Refer to our customizable investor update email template above to get started with your investor and PE communications and take the relationship to the next level.