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Cash Flow Projection Model Excel Template

Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. Purpose built for SaaS, our cash flow projection model template makes it fast and easy to get a granular view of how money moves in your business so you can more fully optimize your working capital management.

A flexible template built specifically for SaaS

Unlike generic cash flow forecasting templates online, all of Drivetrain’s templates, including this one are tailored for SaaS. They’re flexible by design, allowing you to easily modify them to suit the needs of your business. This template will make it easier than ever to create a detailed, accurate cash flow forecast, with:

  • Simple instructions on how to modify and use the template and a worksheet to enter your model timeline and assumptions

  • A worksheet to enter your historical data and actuals each month and a cash flow model summary template that automatically calculates and updates cash flow for individual customers and customer categories

  • A collections forecast template for you to track collections at the individual customer level or by customer categories you define

  • A dashboard that provides a 13-week cash flow forecast, a cash waterfall chart, and your cash balance projection

Improve your working capital management

Optimize cash flow to position yourself for growth
Respond more quickly to unexpected challenges
Take advantage of new opportunities in the market

Understand your cash flow at a more granular level than ever before

Level up your SaaS financial modeling with Drivetrain!

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