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headcount Planning Software

Streamline workforce planning

Drivetrain simplifies strategic workforce planning so you can be confident that you have the right headcount to achieve your business goals while staying within budget.
Headcount planning software by Drivetrain
Fueling finance teams globally
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Reduce manual intervention

Automate data collation, employee movement tracking and new hire reconciliation.

Improve forecast accuracy

Real-time data sync with all your HRIS systems ensures that your data is always reliable.

Spend more time on analysis

By eliminating manual data consolidation and employee tracking, you can focus on identifying gaps and opportunities.

Track all employee movements with ease

Maintain a detailed employee roster on Drivetrain to track all employee movements such as change in designation, department, salary, and manager.
Monitor month-on-month change in headcount and related expenses accurately.
Keep a close watch on how your planned headcount is moving against your budget.
Employee roster for easy headcount planning

Understand the full impact of your hiring decisions

Create a headcount walk at a granular level to account for new hires and attrition across regions, departments, designations, etc.
Manage exchange rates conveniently to model the costs of a globally-distributed team.
Connect headcount to P&L and cash flow models to understand the impact of new hires and internal movements on your bottom line and future cash flow.
“Drivetrain is automating our financial forecasting, reporting & KPI tracking. These three items have been a massive time-saver for us as they used to involve a lot of manual effort and are now updating in real time.

We are also using it for headcount management with hiring plans being available to the appropriate hiring managers within the platform.‚ÄĚ
Andrew De Fanti
FP&A Manager, Quantum Metric
Andrew De Fanti, FP&A Manager at Quantum Metric

Want to see how Drivetrain can simplify your headcount planning?

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Reconcile actual hires with those planned with one click

Auto-sync actuals from your source to Drivetrain with our 20+ pre-built connectors to HRIS, ATS and Payroll systems.
Easily reconcile your new hires against your planned right on the platform.
Track variances between your planned vs. actuals to quickly identify gaps and stay within your budgets.
Explore all HRIS integrations
Headcount reconciliation

Identify actionable insights and share them with your team easily

Slice and dice data across multiple dimensions to identify root causes of any variances in count and cost.
Drill down into data by region, department, designation, etc. to spot and resolve attrition and hiring issues.
Collaborate with your business stakeholders in real time for faster decision making.
Explore reporting and analytics

Built for smarter and faster workforce planning

Connected planning

Align teams around a single source of truth with connected plans and shared metrics.

Scenario modeling

Run What-If scenarios and perform root cause analyses in minutes to identify the best path to achieve your goals.

Assumption-based headcount planning

Factor and project the number and timing of hires for creating hiring plans.

Role-based access control

Control access at a dimensional-level to share models and reports containing sensitive information without any worries.

Rolling forecasts

Do continuous planning with rolling forecasts to ensure plans, forecasts, and reports are always up to date.

Ad-hoc reporting

Create interactive charts and share insights quickly with your business stakeholders and leadership.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is workforce or headcount planning software?

Developing a strategic workforce plan is tedious and time-consuming requiring manual intervention at multiple steps in the process. A headcount planning tool helps automates several of these manual, error-prone tasks so that you can focus on what matters instead of consolidating workforce data and reconciling errors.

Does Drivetrain integrate with HRIS, ATS and Payroll systems? If yes, which ones?

Drivetrain has 20+ pre-built connectors to HRIS, ATS and Payroll systems. Popular integrations include Workday, BambooHR, Gusto, Zenefits, Rippling and many more.

How can Drivetrain help me with headcount planning and reporting?

Drivetrain eliminates several manual tasks such as pulling data from multiple sources, maintaining an employee roster on spreadsheets, reconciling new hires against planned. You can quickly build headcount model and connect it to other models such as cash flow and income statement projections. Interactive dashboarding and charts empower you to generate insights quickly and create in-depth reporting.

How do I control user access to sensitive headcount data?

Drivetrain provides flexible and fine-grained role-based access control so that you can define the levels of access (edit, view, no access) to be provided to each user.

Can I manage employee transfers, new hires and attritions across my organization?

You can build an employee roster on Drivetrain where you can track all employee movements across the organization - change in department, designation, manager, promotion, new hires and departures. You can also reconcile the actual movements against planned right on the platform.

Can I connect my headcount model to my cash flow projections?

On Drivetrain you can easily connect different models to each other. The metrics and variables used in the headcount model can be conveniently pulled into the cash flow, P&L (income statement) or any other projections.

Headcount planning is hard. Drivetrain makes it easy.

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