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Financial Reporting

Quickly interpret, analyze, and share financial insights

See the big picture by connecting and merging data across multiple sources.
Customize financial reports and optimize costs, revenue & profits with best-in-class visualizations.
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Empowering fast-growing category leaders



Single version of truth

Succeed with the right financial information to build, maintain and visualize reports.

Speed to decision

Get actionable insights quickly to make confident decisions.

Faster alignment

Achieve faster process buy-in across all teams with built-in collaboration functionality.

Connect reports directly to source data—without IT support

  • Get complete visibility into business performance with multi-data source consolidation—from ERP, CRM and billing systems to databases, Excel & CSV.
  • Create & view reports that are always in sync and consistent—numbers are automatically updated when they change in underlying data sources.
  • Customize your reports—be it pro forma statements such as P&L, or fundraising due diligence and board presentations.
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Reports generated on Drivetrain such as cash balance, P&L, and ARR buildup pulling in the actuals data directly from source data systems such as Salesforce, NetSuite, etc.
The breakup of actuals line items contributing to the mid-market segment under Americas for the "New ARR" row for Oct 2021

Understand and validate the story your data is telling

  • Access data, build reports and dashboards with a familiar Excel-based interface.
  • Drill-down from summary to transaction data to quickly identify drivers that impact revenue goals and answer follow-up questions.
  • Automate calculation and consolidation of financial and SaaS metrics, cash flow & sales projections.
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Before Drivetrain, our quarterly reports took up to three weeks to complete. But, now we have a monthly reporting cycle with all our metrics updated daily, which has helped us build a weekly forecast model.

Aman Bafna

Manager - Office of the CEO, Mindtickle

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Aman Bafna
Drivetrain provided our entire company with anywhere, anytime access to our plans, budgets, forecasts and scenarios in a single place.

We were able to adapt our plans faster to market changes with access to up-to-date, drillable data and automated reporting.
John Doe

Secure and accelerate your reporting process

  • Benefit from standardized processes and robust access controls
  • Ensure consistency across all internal and external reporting—be it churn calculations, investor reporting or fundraising due diligence.
  • Mitigate the risk of manual data entry by dynamically linking your data sources to financial reports.
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How Roles & Permissions are defined and mapped with an example. Employee, Laurie Bream, who is the VP - Sales, Americas, is mapped to Territory Sales Leaders role with Geo dimension access restricted only to Americas.
A bar chart showing the trend of Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) and the cost metrics impacted by it—namely, Customer Success, Infra, and Professional Services, besides the metrics COGS impacts—namely, Gross Profit

Uncover more insights using powerful analytics

  • Understand the drivers your revenue model is based on at a granular level—break it down by any dimension such as territories, segments, products, etc.
  • Create actionable dashboards to analyze metric trends such as MRR, churn, LTV, cash flow, and more with minimal effort.
  • Identify key drivers and anomalies with one-click root cause analysis to optimize revenue, cost and profit.
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Why Drivetrain?

Spend time analyzing data rather than preparing it.

Pro forma reporting

Create pro forma financial statements such as P&L, balance sheet, cash flow, and more.

Investor reporting

Automate creation and sharing of key metrics with investors in real-time.

Ad hoc business reports

Create custom metrics with plain-English formulas & transform them into charts or tables.

Variance analysis

Automated consolidation of data for real-time monitoring of plan vs. actuals.

SaaS metric reporting

Easily report on SaaS metrics and complex financial ratios at any dimensional-level.

Scenario analysis

Run What-If scenarios and perform root cause analyses in minutes to answer higher order questions.

A new top-down approach to financial modeling - SaaS Metrics Based Planning

  • Shorter planning cycle compared to other approaches
  • Faster alignment across functions
  • Higher accountability towards company's goals
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Strike the right balance between key board metrics with Saas Metrics Based Planning and save time and effort throughout the planning process compared to other approaches. Drive faster alignment and create more efficiency.
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