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Why choose Drivetrain vs. Pigment?

Fast-growing businesses trust Drivetrain for its robust integrations, low total cost of ownership, and user-friendly modeling in an intuitive, easy-to-use platform.


Drivetrain vs. Pigment

Time to go live
< 1 month
3 - 4 months
Native integrations
< 20
Natural language formulas
Yes, formula writing in plain English + Excel-like syntax
No, formula writing in plain English + SQL-like syntax
Ease of use of the platform
Simple and intuitive with a learning curve of just a few days
Difficult to use with a learning curve of 5-12 months
Total cost of ownership (TCO)
Fast implementation and short learning curve accelerate time to value and reduce TCO
Long implementation and steep  learning curve delays time to value and increases TCO
Ideal for
Fast-growing businesses
Very large, slow-growing businesses

Powerful, flexible and easy to use

Say goodbye to long implementation cycles, steep learning curves, and inflexible modeling. Building multidimensional models and reports yourself is easy and quick on Drivetrain.

“Drivetrain has very flexible forecasting models that allowed us to build our entire forecast – top-line, expenses, balance sheet and cash flow – to get them all interconnected with each other and our other systems.”

Drivetrain customer - Andrew De Fanti, FP&A Manager at Quantum Metric
Andrew De Fanti
FP&A Manager at Quantum Metric

“Drivetrain automated data consolidation from NetSuite, Salesforce and Google Sheets. All finance reports (P&L, balance sheet, cash flow statement, headcount, ARR, pipeline) for actuals and plan are always up to date. Nice friendly interface to easily create reports and models.”

Drivetrain customer -Juan Sebastian, FP&A Director, Billwerk
Juan Sebastian
FP&A Director at Billwerk+

“Drivetrain can accommodate different scenarios, build outs, and integrations, which is beneficial, especially when dealing with various systems. Other companies seem to have more of a canned offering of functionalities and capabilities.”

Kristen Hefferon
Controller at Quartzy
Category Leader

#1 Rated FP&A software on G2

Drivetrain's G2 Leaders Badge and G2 rating of 4.9 on 5.

With an average user rating of 4.9 out of 5, we are the highest rated FP&A tool across three categories - Financial Analysis, Budgeting and Forecasting, and Corporate Performance Management.

Drivetrain has been rated #1 for reporting and planning (mid-market) three times in a row by G2!

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Drivetrain's G2 Leaders Badge and G2 rating of 4.9 on 5.
Drivetrain integrations
robust integrations

Connect all your business and finance systems to Drivetrain seamlessly

Drivetrain integrations

Drivetrain’s 200+ pre-built connectors along with an expert in-house implementation team ensures that all your data is available on the platform within a few days.

Pigment offers less than 20 integrations, and many of the most popular applications, like  QuickBooks, Hubspot, Rippling, Tableau, and Chargebee are not included.

The few direct integrations Pigment does provide are often limited in terms of what you can import. And if no integration is available, the best you can do is manually upload a CSV file.

Integrations are key to streamlining data consolidation. You need a platform that can work with all of the tools your business uses. That tool is Drivetrain.

Explore Drivetrain integrations
intuitive modeling

Start building powerful models and reports from day one

ARR forecast model on Drivetrain built using plain-English formilas

On Drivetrain you can use plain English and your existing knowledge of Excel to create custom metrics and forecast formulas. Most Drivetrain customers start building their models within a few days of going live.

Pigment, on the other hand, is a far less user-friendly, actually requiring users to learn a whole new language and syntax. Reviewers on Gartner forewarn that “It will take a technical person (who is SQL savvy) probably 5 months to get up to speed on syntax but a typical FP&A person, maybe 12 months depending on their capability”.

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ARR forecast model on Drivetrain built using plain-English formilas
Unparalleled Agility

Update plans and forecasts quickly to respond to changing circumstances

Drivetrain’s simple and intuitive UI/UX ensures that you can easily update and play with forecast assumptions in your formulas to respond to changing business needs. You can create various scenarios and versions in minutes to identify the best path forward for your business.

Due to its technical complexity, most companies using Pigment dedicate 1-2 people solely to writing and debugging formulas. For any ad-hoc modeling work, users still have to rely on spreadsheets. This means that despite a hefty investment in Pigment, they still have to maintain two complex modeling systems at the same time.

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