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SaaS Financial Planning Software

Start planning now with data-driven insights

Bring all your data into a single platform equipped with the tools you need for easy planning, budgeting, and forecasting. Best-of-breed model templates and built-in formulas for 150+ financial and SaaS metrics help you get up and running fast.
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Empowering fast-growing category leaders

4.9 star rating on G2
G2 MedalDrivetrain's G2 High Performer badge awarded for Summer 2023
Rated  #1
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Financial visibility in 360 degrees

Understand your business in every dimension with a unified data platform that provides financial clarity.

Data, people and processes aligned

Get faster buy-in with built-in collaboration tools and streamlined data access across all teams.

Real-time insights for faster decisions

Make smarter decisions faster with a platform capable of uncovering deep insights in your data.

Unify your data from multiple source systems

  • Easily connect to your ERP, CRM, BI, billing systems, HRIS and more with out-of-the-box integrations.
  • Always be confident in your reporting with numbers that automatically update with any changes in the underlying data.
  • Instantly access all the data you need from different systems to calculate over 150+ SaaS metrics like NRR, LTV:CAC ratio, Rule of 40, ARR/FTE, etc.
  • Customize all your financial and operational reports, choosing just the metrics you need with flexible formatting and styling to present them any way you want.
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Connect your model to actuals in real time

  • Use our SaaS financial model templates to get started quickly. Or, create multidimensional models from scratch 10x faster with our intuitive UI and plain-English formulas.
  • Eliminate guesswork with instant access to real-time actuals to create more accurate rolling forecasts and cash flow projections.
  • Streamline communication between teams with built-in collaboration tools that make building and aligning on plans and budgets faster.
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We integrated all our systems (Quickbooks, Salesforce, Hubspot, many Google sheets) in just 3 days and got our MIS reports setup by the end of the first week. The best part was that SaaS Metrics like Burn Multiple and CAC payback period which we didn’t track before were automatically available

Palash S

CEO and Co-founder,

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Drivetrain provided our entire company with anywhere, anytime access to our plans, budgets, forecasts and scenarios in a single place.

We were able to adapt our plans faster to market changes with access to up-to-date, drillable data and automated reporting.
John Doe

Tell the story behind your numbers in a more compelling way

  • Create interactive board-ready reports and dashboards that can be shared and viewed on demand.
  • Customize your reports to reveal what really matters with the ability to analyze, illustrate, and explain metric trends by any dimension.
  • Perform an in-depth, budget variance analysis in real-time, drilling down to transaction-level data to quickly identify the drivers impacting revenue goals and answer follow-up questions
  • Use our comprehensive access controls and audit trails to track and securely share your SaaS metric reports and analyses, ensuring users can only access the information they need.
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Uncover actionable insights faster

  • Use the What If scenario analysis tool to examine the potential effects of changes in churn, hiring decisions, vendor selection, or how opening a remote office might affect revenue, costs and runway.
  • Easily build and compare multiple scenarios to create new plans to determine the best, worst, and base-case outcomes.
  • Identify key drivers and anomalies with one-click root cause analysis to optimize revenue, cost, and profitability.
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Purpose-Built for SaaS CFOs and FP&A teams

Three statement model

Create and customize three statement model reports (P&L, balance sheet and cash flow)

Connected planning

Align teams around a single source of truth with connected plans, shared metrics and collaboration tools

Rolling forecasts

Do continuous planning with rolling forecasts to ensure plans, forecasts, and reports are always up to date.

Budget variance analysis

Monitor you budget vs actuals in real-time with automated data consolidation

Support for multiple regions and currencies

Consolidate data from multiple geographies with different currencies for region- and currency-specific reports

Scenario analysis

Answer higher-order questions in minutes with powerful What If analysis and root cause analysis tools