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Salesforce Drivetrain Integration

Forecast your revenue with accuracy, track sales metrics in real-time and collaborate with your GTM counterparts effortlessly to achieve and exceed targets together.
Seamless integration between Drivetrain and Salesforce

Why use Salesforce with Drivetrain?

Track all your revenue metrics

Have constant visibility of your business performance to surface timely, actionable insights.

Improve forecast accuracy

Real-time data sync with your CRM ensures all your reports, models and forecasts are always up-to-date. 

Align stakeholders faster

Collaborate easily with your teammates to build and adjusts plans quickly.

Create a reliable plan to reach your revenue goals

Connect sales planning to sales performance to understand how to reach revenue goals with bottoms-up inputs such as ramp up time, quota attainment, sales cycle etc.
Collaborate with your sales and marketing team right on the platform with easy to share and understand models and reports to align on goals faster.
Explore sales & revenue planning

Analyze data in real-time and share insights 

Build actionable dashboards to report on LTV:CAC ratio, bookings, new ARR, churn rate, and more.
Improve win rates & shrink deal cycles by identifying key drivers & bottlenecks by drilling down your data by various dimensions and going down to the transaction level data in one click.
Explore reporting & analytics
“Before Drivetrain, we had to spend time exporting and consolidating data across our Quickbooks accounts, multiple Excel files and Chargebee data to build our reporting. It took us five days every month to accomplish this. With Drivetrain, the data consolidation and rollups are completely automated and available in real-time.”
Naga Subramanya
Associate Director of Finance, Airmeet
Ready case study

“Drivetrain automated data consolidation from NetSuite, Salesforce and Google Sheets. All finance reports (P&L, balance sheet, cash flow statement, headcount, ARR, pipeline) for actuals and plan are always up to date.”

Drivetrain customer -Juan Sebastian, FP&A Director, Billwerk
Juan Sebastian
FP&A Director at Billwerk+

Forecast your revenue with precision

Connect your CRM such as Salesforce to Drivetrain to automatically update your actuals in real-time without any manual intervention.
Track planned vs. actuals across new business, renewals, expansion, and churn to quickly identify gaps and adjust your plans accordingly.
Bottoms-up sales-rep level forecast built on Drivetrain

Build a high-confidence bookings/sales forecast  

Empower your sales team to update forecast category (commit, best case, pipeline) and deal-level ARR on the go.
Triangulate this bottoms-up forecast with other sales forecasting methodologies such as stage weighted forecast, forecast category weighted pipeline to know exactly where you’ll land at the end of the quarter.

Salesforce and Drivetrain – a powerful combination for finance and revenue teams

Scenario planning

Plan for different what-if scenarios to identify the best path to achieve your revenue goals.

Sales capacity planning

Makes smarter resource allocation decisions with a real-time and accurate view of all your data from CRM, ERP & HRIS.

Sales quota planning

Model quota changes based on sales performance or other factors to improve forecast accuracy.

Sales incentive management

Build personalized compensation plans, model payouts accurately, and determine quotas based on ROI & revenue targets.

Territory planning

Create complex territories at any level of granularity for maximum coverage & performance.

Rolling forecasts

Re-forecast frequently to ensure plans, forecasts, and reports are always up to date.

Integrating Salesforce to Drivetrain is as easy as 1-2-3

Drivetrain offers a native integration with Salesforce. Connecting the two systems is a simple three step process:
The number one
Enter your Salesforce credentials directly in Drivetrain.
The number 2
Take a few minutes to map your CRM data to Drivetrain.
The number three
Start building powerful multidimensional models and reports!

Connect Salesforce & Drivetrain for high confidence forecasting and planning 

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Connect Salesforce & Drivetrain for high confidence forecasting and planning. 
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