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Sales Capacity Planning for Your SaaS Business: How to develop a plan for faster growth

Sales capacity can easily become a limiting factor in your business, but with proper planning, you can turn it into a powerful growth accelerator. Our ebook will walk you through the process of sales capacity planning, revealing all the factors you need to consider as you build your plan for faster growth.

Why every SaaS company needs to do sales capacity planning

Sales capacity planning helps you more accurately predict and model revenue growth based on the number of AEs you currently have and their productivity.

Sales capacity planning also provides a strong foundation for making data-driven decisions about headcount, likely the biggest cost driver in your business.

Finding and filling gaps in your sales team at just the right time will make it easier to meet your ARR targets and ensure your hiring decisions pay off. And by taking current productivity and ramp-up time into consideration, capacity planning can also help you set optimal quotas to create a high-performing sales team.

This eBook will give you everything you need to get started today with sales capacity planning. You’ll learn:

  • The power of sales capacity planning to drive growth

  • The importance of continuous planning

  • Why you should start now, even if your data isn’t perfect

  • How to do sales capacity planning in 5 steps

Create optimal, accurate sales capacity plans

More accurate revenue forecasting based on sales capacity
Optimal quotas for high-performing sales teams
A strong foundation for data-driven headcount decisions
“Some of your AEs are inevitably going to miss their quotas, and if you’re not keeping an eye on your sales capacity throughout the year, the possibility that you’ll miss your targets grows with every quarter.”

Ready to take your sales capacity planning to the next level?

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