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SaaS Metrics Based Planning:
A proven top-down approach to modeling your revenue

Learn how strategic finance functions and founders at fast-growing SaaS companies model their revenue forecast. This approach focuses on 5 board-level KPIs and managing the trade offs between them. The benefits include,
  • Shorter planning cycle compared to other approaches
  • Faster alignment across functions
  • Higher accountability towards company's goals
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How to Calculate Ramp-up Time to Improve your Sales Capacity Planning

Your Sales capacity planning is one of the most important types of planning you can do for your SaaS business because your sales team is the primary driver of top-line revenue growth.

Ideally, your sales capacity planning will tell you exactly how many account executives (AEs) you need to reach your new ARR target and when you’ll need them. But if you don’t have a good handle on how long it takes your AEs to ramp up, your planning may not be accurate, which can throw your business off track.
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eBook cover for Sales Capacity Planning for Your SaaS Business: How to develop a plan for faster growth

What’s in the eBook

Ramp-up time defined and why it’s a critical metric to know
How to calculate ramp-up time for different dimensions in your business
How to know if your ramp-up time is too high and ways to reduce it
Innovative ways to make ramp-up time insights actionable

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