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Guide  |  10 min read

SaaS Metrics Based Planning: A proven top-down approach to modeling your revenue

Learn how strategic finance functions and founders at fast-growing SaaS companies model their revenue forecast. This popular step-by-step guide provides a detailed walkthrough with a practical, real-world example.

Strike the right balance between key board metrics with Saas Metrics Based Planning and save time and effort throughout the planning process compared to other approaches. Drive faster alignment and create more efficiency.

Be the Architect of your business growth

Which SaaS metrics are the best indicators of a healthy SaaS business?
Which are the ones your board and investors most care about and are correlated to your enterprise valuation?

Get practical & actionable tips as the guide breaks down the theory and application of using five key B2B SaaS metrics to:

  • Commit targets to the board based on industry benchmarks

  • Basis those SaaS metrics, drive alignment across the organization and set the guardrails (the upper & lower bounds) for various downstream metrics, and finally

  • How those act as targets for bottom-up planning at a departmental or Business Unit level

Impact of adopting
SaaS Metrics Based Planning

50% shorter planning and budgeting cycles
Drive faster alignment across departments on goals and targets
Avoid over-budgeting, overstaffing and other planning errors
“SaaS Metrics Based Planning helps SaaS leaders be the architect of their business. It helps you create more accurate and feasible plans while significantly reducing planning cycles.

But more importantly, it gives you the confidence to achieve the outcomes set at the board-level. We have observed first-hand how SaaS companies who have adopted this approach are more predictable and thus attract much higher valuations.‚ÄĚ

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