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The 5 SaaS Metrics Driving Investor Valuations in FY23

Investors are focusing increasingly on companies that are able to balance growth with margin improvements and provide more optionality in their balance sheets.

Do you know the metrics you need to track to show investors what they’re looking for in FY23? If not, this cheat sheet will give you what you need to know now.

The top performance metrics to focus on heading into FY24

Which metrics influence your enterprise valuations and revenue multiples the most and why?

This cheat sheet covers the five key metrics that are having the biggest impact on B2B SaaS valuations in 2023, including:

  • Their definitions and what they tell investors about your business

  • Easy-to-understand formulas with examples to help you calculate them for your business

  • Links to more in-depth content that you can use to learn more and go deeper

  • Additional information about each metric to help you better assess your readiness for new investment

The top 5 metrics in B2B SaaS Enterprise Value creation

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