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SaaS Metrics Based Planning:
A proven top-down approach to modeling your revenue

Learn how strategic finance functions and founders at fast-growing SaaS companies model their revenue forecast. This approach focuses on 5 board-level KPIs and managing the trade offs between them. The benefits include,
  • Shorter planning cycle compared to other approaches
  • Faster alignment across functions
  • Higher accountability towards company's goals
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4 Signs It’s Time to Switch to a Strategic Finance Platform

SaaS CFOs are serving an increasingly strategic role in companies today, providing critical data and analytical insights in real time to identify new revenue opportunities and support faster decision-making. However, many are finding their spreadsheets cannot keep up with the demands of this new role and the growing complexity in their business.

A better solution now exists in a new breed of purpose-built strategic financial planning technology that can offer time-saving, automated data aggregation combined with powerful financial planning, analysis, and monitoring capabilities.

Is it time for you to make the switch? This eBook will help you figure that out.
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eBook cover for Sales Capacity Planning for Your SaaS Business: How to develop a plan for faster growth

What’s in the eBook

Strategic financial planning technologies, defined
Benefits of a purpose-built strategic finance platform
Similarities and differences with other software tools
Signs that indicate it may be time to switch

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