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LIVE webinar

SaaS Sales Forecasting - Christian Wattig’s Top Insights, Methods and Best Practices

Learn all about sales forecasting in SaaS — from top methodologies, tackling common challenges to proven best practices and tools with FP&A expert, Christian Wattig.

Christian Wattig
Christian Wattig
Founder of FP&A Prep
Kirk Kappelhoff
Kirk Kappelhoff
Director of Strategic Finance, Drivetrain

Accurate sales forecasts are essential to create realistic budgets. They also facilitate strategic planning by setting achievable targets for new logo acquisitions and expansions.

However, sales forecasting for B2B SaaS is unpredictable and challenging. From data quality issues in the CRM/sales pipeline, sales rep bias, limited visibility at deal-level, and lack of process enforcement to sub-optimal forecasting models and market volatility make it harder to predict deal outcomes.

Seasoned FP&A expert, Christian Wattig, alongside Kirk Kappelhoff, Strategic Finance Director at Drivetrain lay down a practical and actionable approach to selecting the best suited sales forecasting methods for SaaS startups, scaleups and enterprises.

Tune in to learn about:

  • Types of SaaS sales forecasting (+ free cheat sheet, templates and eBook!)

  • Choosing the right sales forecasting method(s) for your business—and when to use which

  • How to use triangulation to improve accuracy by combining statistical methods with judgemental forecasting techniques

  • How to identify and eliminate forecast bias

  • Tools for reforecasting faster and reducing errors

We also have a dedicated Q&A session at the end to answer your questions on the topic.

Free Giveaway for all Webinar registrants!

Get a free copy of Sales Forecasting Excel Template, a cheat sheet on choosing the right SaaS Sales Forecasting method, and a comprehensive guide to SaaS Sales Forecasting (eBook)

Who should attend

Who should attend?

Accurate sales forecasting is key to business growth. If you’re struggling with or are trying to improve your current processes, this webinar is for you.

Recommended for all CROs, RevOps leaders, CFOs, FP&A and finance leaders, at B2B SaaS companies with Series A+ funding.

About Christian Wattig

Christian Wattig is a top FP&A expert with 14+ years of experience leading teams in multinational corporations (P&G, Unilever) and high-growth tech startups (Squarespace). After earning his MBA from NYU Stern, he transitioned to the tech sector and played a key role in taking Squarespace public.

Now an entrepreneur, Christian leverages his expertise through the Wharton School of Business (FP&A certificate program director) and his own firm, FP&A Prep. He offers corporate training, online programs, and shares best practices with a vast audience via LinkedIn, email newsletters, and his popular "FP&A Tuesday" series.

Why should you attend

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