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Drivetrain named a Leader in the G2 Spring 2024 report!

We’re thrilled to share that Drivertrain has been named a Leader in G2’s Spring 2024 Grid Report, earning 29 badges across 3 categories.
Aakanksha Gupta
April 3, 2024
4 min
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We’re elated to announce that Drivetrain has been crowned a Leader in the Financial Analysis category in the latest G2 Spring 2024 report. What’s even more exciting is that we’ve been rated #1 for Reporting and Planning (mid-market segment) for the third time in a row!

Our journey up the ranks on G2 indices has been quite spectacular,  with marked improvements in data analysis, ease of admin, integrations and user satisfaction.

With an average user rating of 4.9 out of 5 across 3 categories - Financial Analysis, Budgeting and Forecasting and Corporate Performance Management, it's clear that Drivetrain continues to delight finance teams across the globe.

And for all this, we are incredibly grateful to our customers! We promise to continue to provide the best planning, tracking and budgeting experience possible.

Our mission at Drivetrain is to equip finance teams with the most powerful yet simple to use strategic finance platform that enables them to make better decisions. This report is a testament that we are on the right track.

Where Drivetrain leads

Drivetrain voted as 'Users Most Likely to Recommend’, ‘Best Usability’, 'Easiest Setup', ‘Best Support’ and ‘Best Results’ in G2 Spring 2024 report
Drivetrain voted as 'Users Most Likely to Recommend’, ‘Best Usability’, 'Easiest Setup', ‘Best Support’ and ‘Best Results’ in G2 Spring 2024 report

Building models and reports is so easy, you can do it yourself

Formulas can be written in plain-English supplemented with your existing knowledge of spreadsheets. This means that anyone can build a model that even non-finance members of your organization can understand. This is probably a key reason Drivetrain is rated #1 for reporting, planning, extended planning and data analysis. 

“I can plan for different scenarios very quickly and with up-to-date numbers on my own without having to request our analyst team to pull numbers. This has greatly helped our revenue forecasts.”

Integrations and support provided by in-house finance pros 

Apart from Drivetrain’s support for 200+ pre-built connectors, we also pride ourselves on the ability to build native integrations with all your data sources (that’s why we’re rated #1 for integrations in the mid-market segment). Our dedicated customer success managers provide white-glove support for all our customers from integrations to every-day concerns, issues and best practices on modeling/reporting.

“Drivetrain is able to support many types of data structures and data sources. If you can be accurate with your forecasting in Excel, you will love Drivetrain. Flexibility of Excel, but hosted in the cloud – permissions, users, flexible reports, etc.

The team behind Drivetrain are moving very fast and coming up with exciting features regularly.”

Best-in-class automation capabilities

With Drivetrain, users can build interactive, board-ready reports in minutes. Re-forecasting can be done with a click of a button (which is probably one of the reasons we’re rated #2 for re-forecasting in the mid-market segment). And, users can build powerful multi-dimensional models and multiple scenarios quickly. 

“I like that Drivetrain is a centralized source of data for all of our systems. It saves our team time, and provides a simple process to review forecast vs. actuals.

I like how the reports are so dynamic and you can have nice visuals and also in-depth data tables. It's also helpful how the underlying data is always available, giving us insight to forecast even more accurately.”

Learn more about what our users have to say, or leave a review of Drivetrain on G2 here.

Drivetrain can help your business accelerate planning, tracking and forecasting too! Reach out to us to have a conversation about your FP&A needs.

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