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on-demand webinar

Driving Efficiency & Profits: CFO Best Practices in FY23

Learn tactical ways to optimize cashflow and improve business efficiency metrics across departments from leading SaaS CFOs

Manoj Kumar Rathi
Chief Financial Officer, FarEye
Naga Subramanya
Director of Finance, Airmeet

Investors are expecting radical efficiency measures in both their portfolio companies and prospective investments in growth-stage companies. The keywords are resilience, growth and profits.

What does this translate to in practice?

Tune in as FarEye’s CFO, Manoj Kumar Rathi, and Airmeet’s Director of Finance, Naga Subramanya share their strategies, tactics and best practices on driving efficiency and improvement in the following key areas:

  • Margin improvement via spend reduction & resource reallocation

  • Generating cash via opportunities

  • Increasing productivity by defining and measuring the right metrics

Who should attend

Best suited for SaaS finance leaders including aspiring CFOs, FP&A leaders and finance professionals from companies with Series A+ funding and over a 100 employees.

Why should you attend

Listen to two leading SaaS CFOs as they share:

  • Expert strategies to optimize cashflow

  • Setting metrics to drive departmental efficiency

  • Acting on insights from ROI metrics - The Playbook

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