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LIVE webinar

3rd Gen FP&A Tools - The FP&A Guy's (Paul Barnhurst) Top Insights & Recommendations

May 7, 2024
9:00 AM PT
Paul Barnhurst
Paul Barnhurst
Founder of The FP&A Guy
Kirk Kappelhoff
Kirk Kappelhoff
Director of Strategic Finance, Drivetrain

The CFO’s role has evolved to become more strategic in recent years. They play a critical role in driving business performance and efficiency by ensuring data and metrics are available for finance and non-finance teams for quick decision-making.

In the recently launched second edition of the Third Generation FP&A Software Guide, Paul Barnhurst, The FP&A Guy, notes how FP&A software enables finance teams to navigate complex business scenarios with greater agility and insight and support the leadership and the board more effectively.

Tune in to learn about:

  • FP&A software use cases

  • When should you buy FP&A software

  • Methodology for FP&A tool evaluation (+ free checklist!)

  • Non-finance use cases of FP&A tools

  • How to secure buy-in from management

  • Should finance teams consolidate their tools or go for point solutions?

Who should attend

We also have a dedicated Q&A session at the end to answer your questions on the topic.

Who should attend?

FP&A tools are evidently key to confidently using data to inform your strategic decisions. If you don’t feel like you can do that with your current spreadsheet-based processes, it’s probably time to level up with a FP&A solution.

Recommended for all CFOs and finance leaders at companies with Series A+ funding.

Giveaway: All webinar registrants will receive the 3rd Gen FP&A tool evaluation checklist.

About Paul Barnhurst

Paul Barnhurst, aka “The FP&A Guy,” is the founder of The FP&A Guy. With over a decade in finance, Paul's expertise spans travel, banking, and SaaS sectors. He's a sought-after thought leader in FP&A and CFOTech spaces. Paul's journey includes engaging with 100+ CFOTech companies in the past two years. He hosts podcasts, advises at Born Capital, and provides FP&A training and consulting. Outside work, Paul enjoys fiction, running, sports, and family time outdoors. In essence, Paul is not just a finance pro; he's a dynamic force shaping FP&A innovation while living life to the fullest.

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